Joey Ryan Gets Involved At Indie Show Proving He Might Be Injured But His Special Power Isn’t

Joey Ryan is currently injured which is a terrible place to be for an indie wrestler. After all, they don’t get a downside guarantee.

But at a recent WSW Wrestling event, it turns out that Ryan didn’t need to lace up his boots to prove that he is still the King Of Dong Style. It was a pretty great spot for him to be a part of and the best part is he didn’t have to take any damage.

You can see by the clip below that Ryan helped out when his services were needed and it’s a good thing too. After all, it popped the crowd big time.

It’s great that Ryan is still able to make events even if he can’t wrestle. After all, merch sales are pretty much all indie wrestlers have to rely on for income if they can’t work. We can’t wait to see Joey Ryan come back from this pec injury, but at least he’s having fun in the meantime.