WWE Superstars Reportedly Upset About Nia Jax Getting A Push After Injuring Becky Lynch

Nia Jax has a ton of heat on her from fans for injuring Becky Lynch and at this point, there is no set return by WWE for Lynch’s return since she has a severe concussion. Needless to say, WWE is capitalizing on this heat just like they do anything else that they can. But this push for Jax off of injuring The Man might be especially upsetting to those backstage in the company.

Dave Meltzer pointed out in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the thinking backstage is that, “Jax is not a far bigger star and will be getting a bigger push due to it.”

There are apparently two schools of thought backstage about the entire Nia Jax pushing situation. Some people think that it’s pro wrestling and this falls in line with the business. Therefore, if it draws heat and is best for business then it’s understandable given the history of how promotions have typically drawn money. But the other mindset backstage isn’t too good for Nia Jax.

“The other is the rewarding of someone for basically messing up bad and hurting someone and knocking them out of a PPV and the biggest match on that show and of their career,” Dave Meltzer reports. This, of course, is amplified by the number of times that Nia Jax has seemingly done this in the past by being reckless in the ring and injuring her opponents. After all, Becky Lynch was injured by a straight punch from Jax during an angle that wasn’t even a match and they didn’t have all the focus in the ring — but Nia hit Becky with full-strength anyway.

Mistakes happen in the pro wrestling ring and that’s an unavoidable fact. But there are apparently a number of people backstage who believe that Jax is being unfairly rewarded in this scenario when that might be the last thing she needs at this point.