Jim Cornette never keeps his opinion to himself which is one of the reasons why his Cult follows him so closely. He’s been very outspoken in the past about Austin Aries and his dealings with him while working in ROH — he doesn’t care for The Greatest Man That Ever Lived at all.
Aries has taken up the hobby recently of retweeting his haters and we actually previously reported on it just because it’s rather entertaining to see. He’s embracing the hatred toward him which recently included sending out a meme on social media complete with a picture of Cornette and a quote from him about A Double as well. Needless to say, Jim was not entertained.
“Somehow, noted malcontent and whiny little bitch Austin Aries thought this accurate quote accompanied by an unflattering photo of me would somehow make me look bad–but he discovered the responding comments all agreed with me, and he then ate a bunch of turnips in frustration,” Cornette tweeted on Sunday morning after discovering the unflattering meme floating around the IWC.
To put the cherry on top, Jim Cornette also directed Austin Aries to the comments section of his own post for future reading.
It certainly seems like this feud isn’t over with, but then again Corney isn’t the kind of guy who really ever lets go of much animosity because he’s made it quite a trademark.

H Jenkins

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