I got the chance to speak exclusively with Enzo Amore’s accuser Philomena Sheahan in phone interview on Monday shortly after Enzo’s new rap single “Phoenix” hit the internet.

Sheahan discussed the outcome to the the investigation, going to the police, her reaction to Enzo’s “Phoenix” track, fans calling her out and many other topics. You can check out the highlights below.

Her initial reaction to Enzo’s “Pheonix” track:
“He is a joke! Like wow, great statement Enzo!”

Enzo tweeting About his clothing line:
“Someone sent me a screen-shot of a tweet of his today and the hashtag was Phoenix. I’m located in Phoenix, and that’s where it happened, the sexual assault.”


How she feels on the investigation ending up dropped:
“I actually posted about it the day it happened on Instagram. I explained how I felt and I explained how there was a big injustice on the judicial systems part. A bunch of his WWE fans reported the post and it’s taken down. There’s no words to describe what it feels like to know that the person that changed your life in such a traumatic way is going to get to walk away scott free.So many people thought I did it for different reasons. People thought I did it for money, people thought I did it for the 15 seconds of fame, which honestly,I don’t even care about.To have all of it over, with the law, to know that there is no more case, really hurts, its terrifying.”

Going to the police after the incident:
“I went to the police when I was ready. Of course, I could have gone the next day after it happened. I was afraid because he was still in Arizona. I didn’t know what could or would happen. I was in a state of shock, I didn’t know what to do.”

Learning about herself:
“I’ve learned so much about myself. I have a greater view of myself and a greater understanding of self-esteem. I’ve gotten an explainable amount of hate and to keep your sanity through all that and to keep a clear image of yourself is extremely hard to do. I have come out the other side and am such a better person. The person I am today is not the person I was a month ago. I’ve been working on bettering myself everyday.”

Her mental health:
“I’ve made it pretty public that I struggled with mental disorders. I have mental health issues and you really get tested in times like these when you’re getting so much hate and backlash when all you’re trying to do is help the other sexual assault victims and survivors. I am a survivor and today I stand strong.”

How this impacted other family members:
“My cousin goes to school and gets hate because she’s my cousin. Of course, I also have people harass me in public too.”

People calling her out in public:
“I’ve had people come me at gas stations and say “Fuck you, you ruined a man’s career.” Is that necessary? How do you come up to me and say “I ruined a man’s career?” How do you think I feel living with this every single day? It can ruin someone’s life. For awhile it ruined my life. I was at a very low place for about three months. So low, I actually overdosed and died March 14th and ever since that day it’s been just about bettering myself. I’ve learned you don’t need drugs to mask the pain.”

Enzo Amore Being fired from WWE:
“I never ruined his career. He did that by not informing the WWE that there were sexual assault pending. That’s the real reason he was fired.”

What she’d like her future career to be:
“I’ve been doing research and found a couple of foundations that do out reach. I am definitely interested, and I want to take a career path in social services. I want a future in helping others. Great things are coming.”

How she spends her free time:
“I am a artist, and I’ve been working on some really cool pieces. I’m just trying to find inspiration in the darkness. I’m an artist of all sorts, I sing, I write songs I paint, I write poetry, I write stories. I spent some time in recuperation mode to learn who I am and I’ve met some great people in the music industry to help me with my music career. I’ve got a great job now and it’s all going really well. If you have the want, you con do anything you want.”

Inspiring others to come out and share their sexual assault stories:
“The main purpose of coming out with this was to help other girls to come out and share. It can be very hard. People who supported me on Twitter are great. When I had my Twitter, I had so many people tweet me that, “I really condone you for doing this because I could never,”. I’ve become good internet friends with this one girl Kate. She had a similar experience like mine, and she has such great ties in the underground music industry like Macnet and its amazing hearing their on my side. It’s easy for everyone to look at someone famous and discredit the bad things they’ve done saying “Oh its just paparazzi,” or “She’s just doing it for the money.”

Someone famous is on her side?
“Their is someone pretty big in the music industry that has spent time with Enzo and I’ve spoken to him and hes retweeted my tweet when I first made it public. To hear him say, “I totally believe you, and that hes not a great person in any shape or form,”. To have someone who knows him back me up is beyond amazing.”

That about wraps up the interview. Feel free to use any quotes from the interview with a H/T to Ringside News.

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