WWE Reportedly Used Up All of Brock Lesnar’s Contractual Dates


While discussing Brock Lesnar’s absence from Monday’s RAW in his weekly update, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reported that even though Lesnar was scheduled to be at RAW, Lesnar has already used up all his contractual dates for the company.

“The PWInsider report from Mike Johnson that Lesnar was scheduled to be at Raw are accurate, but the Universal champion is already over on his contractual dates. Lesnar is also well aware that he is losing the title to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, and Lesnar is far more interested in discussing his next contract than being a team player on his prior deal.”

These are some interesting claims made by Barrasso. The last we heard was that Lesnar’s contract expires after WrestleMania. When Lesnar agreed to the contract that he’s currently serving, there was a clause that allows WWE to book him for additional dates for more money if they used up the agreed amount.

Dave Meltzer indicated earlier this week that there were three likely scenarios that could have led to Brock’s absence this week. One is that he’s trying to strong arm the company, as he’s done this in the past to get a better deal. The second is because there could have been heat on him for the photo that Dana White sent out of Lesnar during the Elimination Chamber event and they decided to not use him at all. The last scenario was that they scripted the show this way at last minute and just told him not to come to the arena at all.

In regards to Lesnar running out of contractual dates, that’s news to us. Barrasso is the only individual that has made that claim, so take it only as a rumor for now. It seems very odd or unlikely for that matter that WWE wouldn’t have all the bases covered with Lesnar’s schedule on a match they been planning for nearly a year.

We will keep you updated if we hear any other details regarding Lesnar’s status with WWE.

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