Daniel Bryan NOT Cleared By WWE Doctors

Daniel Bryan NOT Cleared By WWE Doctors

There was a rumor floating around over the weekend that Daniel Bryan has recently been cleared to return to action for next month’s Royal Rumble event. Those rumors are not true according to The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer.

When asked about the rumors on Twitter, Meltzer claimed that as of a few days ago, WWE has not cleared Bryan to return to action.

Meltzer also commented on “conspiracy theories” among fans believing that Vince McMahon doesn’t want Bryan to return and pointed out that it’s the doctors decision to medically clear talent and not Vince’s.


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  • David James Boothroyd

    So why does he get cleared by other doctors or is that a conspiracy

    • Damon Hill

      his own doctor have cleared him. wwe doctors are more stringent, it seems.

      • Mel

        According to Dave Meltzer, reading anything different from what Dave Meltzer claims is a conspiracy.

        Ironically in reality, too often the exact opposite tends to be true.

  • daleh33

    It doesn’t matter if the WWE Dr’s clear him, if Vince doesn’t want to take the risk of being sued when he gets another concussion, then that is the final word. It’s Vince’s money on the line and not the Dr’s, even if his Dr’s clear him, he wouldn’t be able to even think about talking to Vince until the WWE Dr’s gave him their thumbs up. If he gets back the in ring and gets hurt, moronic fans will blame the WWE for letting him wrestle again.

    • Possible

      True. But even if he was cleared I wouldn’t expect him to get in the ring till he’s spent a few years away from wwe. Very Different from angle, but in some ways similar.


    He will never be cleared because Vince McMahon never wants him to be clear.. nobody’s stupid

  • Scott Johnson

    WWE will never clear him because one of their superstars murdered their family and some idiots tied it to concussions instead of the fact that he was a roided-up, alcoholic, wife beater. Thousands of athletes have lived with CTE and not become cold-blooded killers.

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