Reason Nia Jax Is Unhappy With Her Position In WWE

Reason Nia Jax Is Unhappy With Her Position In WWE

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reports that the reason Nia Jax is unhappy with her role in WWE has to do with the creative direction of her character as well as WWE’s pay scale.

The belief is that Jax will return to WWE but she has other options to fall back on if she decides to leave the company completely. Some of those options include modeling and/or getting work through her cousin Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Bryan Alvarez questioned on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Live if there would be much work for her on the indie circuit. If she’s complaining about the pay she’s receiving from WWE now, the chances are she probably wouldn’t be able to make much more outside of WWE on the indie circuit.


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  • Tisha Black

    She’s a good wrestler it’s just that her attitude just stinks

    • Possible

      ….. I don’t know about that. Now piper niven is a good wrestler

    • lucius13

      If you do not know her personally, you have no idea what she is like.

  • Melissa A. Klein

    I’ve been saying this since the story broke she thought that she was going to be the Roman Reigns of the Women’s Division and had the exact same perks like Roman Reigns I’m not defending Roman Reigns but just because you’re The Rock’s cousin doesn’t mean you get everything handed to you she’s been in the company for what a hot minute she should have several seats she also joined Total Divas Jesus Christ do you know how many people would love to be in her position look at Liv Morgan look at Peyton Royce look at Billie Kay those three have been in the company a lot longer than she has and look where they are there still down in NXT she’s only been in the company for a hot minute

    • L. Knight

      Ah, another paragraph of stupidity from RSN’s resident fake news machine.

    • ♋•†Γ!plΣb2k1•♋ – WGU

      She has a long ways to go to get at Roman’s stage. He’s been under contract for 7 years, on main roster for 5 years

  • Grant Barnes

    They needed to build her like the old rise was built. HER..CARMELLA..AND…BLISS.WAS.CALLED UP WAYYYY TOO SOON. He’ll Bailey was called up after. I’ll say. BLISS has improved tenfold. Am I the only one who still wants KHARMA?! Wwe needs more actual women…and that’s all I’m gonna say. Shit banks can even break tables

    • Jasonps3

      Need more actual women? She’s 33, the same age as Nikki Bella

      • Grant Barnes

        I just meant most women are not a size 2.

        • NoGoodMickey

          Hey, jackass. A woman doesn’t need to be a size 2 to be a woman! You probably like some fat but some guys like fit chicks. Stay in your lane.

    • L. Knight

      Okay, first off, why the random caps? you got Tourettes?

      Secondly, Bayley* and Banks*

      EDIT: Thirdly, WWE*

      • Grant Barnes

        I was trying to make a point. And for you to make a comment like that. You are an inconsiderate jackass. It’s unfortunate you can’t edit the dumbass in your personality

    • Possible

      I was just thinking about kong the other day when this supposed story came out.

  • conan_kun

    Why does Nia upset when at least she was in better position than Dana, Alicia, Summer since Raw used her a lot along with Alexa (Charlotte before Shakeup), Bayley and Sasha and involved in quite a number of title matches.

  • Mr. Sinister

    She still can’t do more than your basic move set and she still finds ways to fak those up. Injures other wrestlers, her Mic work is non existing, she doesn’t have an actual character other than her little eye stair at the beginning of her entrance. And if she thinks the rock is going to get her into Hollywood….good luck with that. 0 acting skills.

  • Jeff Hart

    She only has her “position” because of her cousin. She can’t wrestle and has no mic skills plus she can not sell moves. They keep her promos short because either she can’t remember much or they see she sucks at them. Her size is all she has and it’s not like she really muscular like Chyna was, and we all know Vince loves the super model type. She won’t be missed if she leaves.

  • Philip Manley

    She’s looking at a pink slip

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