Superstars Who Will Probably Become Future WWE Champions

Superstars Who Will Probably Become Future WWE Champions

It can be hard to predict what’s next in WWE. For every predictable Orton – Wyatt story, there’s a Jinder Mahal. For every “Roman-Reigns wins the Rumble”, there’s a Samoa Joe challenging Brock Lesnar. It’s WWE’s nature to be unpredictable. If one thing is constant, though, it’s that cream rises to the top. There is so much young talent in WWE right now. While not everyone can win the gold, here are four superstars who will become champions.


Aiden English

This may seem an odd choice, but hear me out. You wouldn’t expect a hipster douchebag singer to be a big deal, but WWE is clearly high on the Artiste. He can handle himself on the microphone, he gets heat, and he’s only 29. That gives him a lot of time to become a champion¬†before he calls it a day.

Ever since the Vaudevillains disbanded, English reverted to his singing ways. People boo the hell out of him, and they love it when he gets his ass kicked. He bumps like a madman, and he’ll do well to get a babyface over.

It might not be now. It might not be next year, and it might not even be with this current character. Still, I firmly believe that in 5 years time, English will have held gold, be it Intercontinental, United States, or even the WWE Championship itself.



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  • WisCO

    Come on, other than Wnglish those are all no duh picks. How about going out on a limb instead of obvious guys.

  • Khalid Mobley

    Truly English don’t think any WWE gold titles will look good on him….#js my opinion

  • Phill

    Only Corbin will win a world title.
    Jordan will disappear within 6 months due to poor anlges and booking…
    Strowman will be back in tag teams by mania as his workrate and move set are limited and dull.
    English…..NXT bound.

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