Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Dealing With Vertigo, Working for TNA, Surviving Six Years Later, More!

Russo says he has been under the weather lately. He has been dealing with some allergies and this has resulted in him developing vertigo. He has had this numerous times in the past but it’s always very unpleasant. It usually lasts for two weeks or so and he’s trying to be patient as the sickness passes, but it’s becoming very annoying now.

He says that he and his wife travelled back to Colorado over the weekend for a couple of days and he was very happy to be back in Colorado. He says there’s a massive difference between living in Colorado and Indiana, and quite frankly, he’s really bored with living in Indiana.

He says that in Colorado, people seem to care about what happens around them, and they care about advancing their lives. Indiana is very depressing to him, and there doesn’t appear to be any room for personal growth whatsoever. His wife is making $10/hr as a teacher, and he just desperately wants to move back to Colorado.

Russo says his daughter and one of his sons didn’t even call to wish him and his wife a happy anniversary last week. He says his daughter was at a wedding that day and was probably fairly busy, but his son is 30 years old and should know better. He calls his son a ‘bum’ because¬†it’s just not right that he didn’t call them on their anniversary.

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