Major Backstage Heat on Baron Corbin

Major Backstage Heat on Baron Corbin

As seen on Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live, Baron Corbin cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against Jinder Mahal and ended up losing.

Bryan Alvarez discussed this topic on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Live and mentioned that there is actually some backstage heat on Baron Corbin and this could have attributed to WWE deciding on a failed cash in attempt Tuesday night.

Alvarez says the heat has to do with Corbin’s recent actions on Twitter. It’s being said that Corbin went at it with a few people over the last couple of weeks on the social media site, with one of them being Dave Meltzer. Baron has also reportedly blocked individuals that work for WWE.

Corbin’s actions didn’t go over too well with people within WWE and his push within the company could be on the back burner. We will keep you updated if we hear anything else.


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  • ScottyPNR

    At least let them have a 5 or so minute match. A stupid roll up thats shit is weak

    • Possible

      That’s what happens when you step out of line. Guess no one really cares that they make a whole ppv useless by doing this sorta crap

    • Joshua Bosley

      Are you kidding me? a roll up?!!! I didn’t watch it so I didn’t know how it ended, I just knew that Corbin lost.
      That’s ridiculous, why on earth do you book the heel champ to win like that?! That’s a face move, the rollup while heel is distracted by cena. Jesus, it’s bad enough to waste the briefcase, but wwe can’t make the heel champ look dominant in the process?
      Let Mahal finish him with a devastating move after cenas distraction.
      That’s just dumb.

      • joegvo

        It’s called villainy. They let their desire for power or money get the best of them and they pay for it. There are things more important to storytelling than a briefcase.

        • Joshua Bosley

          I barely even mentioned the briefcase lol

          • joegvo

            Good, then you know there are other ways he can earn a title shot.

  • Kyle Barbosa

    Or maybe they just realized Baron Corbin sucks

    • daleh33

      I’m sure if he were roided up, you’d be hanging his pics on your ceiling above your bed.

    • ScottyPNR

      Yes he’s terrible SD hasn’t been good since angle vs Lesnar iron man match. And there was a few more after that. The tlc match on live tv was epic.
      Mahal is quite possibly the worst world champion since justin credible had the ecw world title or David Arqutte was the wcw champion Vince as the ecw champion. Miz as wwe champion and khali as world champion.

  • joegvo

    I don’t buy that.

  • Philip Manley

    Corbin should’ve lied and said that Ryback hijacked his twitter account

  • daleh33

    Is it a coincidence that 2 of those “people” were Ring Rat Nikki Bella and her bitch Cena?

  • JasonP27

    It’s all a means to an end. He lost the Money in the Bank briefcase/match in an attempt to create more heat between him and John Cena. He’s also a safe bet to interfere in the Nakamura match with Mahal, allowing Mahal to retain (I don’t think Mahal should be the one Nakamura beats for the title, too easy, not a big enough accomplishment in my eyes). I think Corbin is a future WWE title holder, but I don’t think he’s ready for it. Give him the US Title first. His character is in development. He’s still learning, he’s making mistakes. There has to be an evolution to character to give them a proper [back] story. Build them up, give them depth. John Cena also failed to win his cashed in MitB contract match. People would say he sucks, but no doubt he is a veteran, a mega Superstar, and helps to elevate countless talents in WWE, like he will with Corbin. Blaming Cena gives Corbin fuel to light a flame and find a way to defeat Cena, elevating him as a legitimate contender for a title match. Give it time people.

  • Truck-kun


  • TheBigKing1

    Corbin’s an idiot. Lol.

  • blckhartx

    He should just ask for his release. It will take to long to recover from this. Seeing the way he acted on twitter he probably will.

  • Ali Khan

    Um excuse me, but didn’t ever occur to the old timer tht Corbin was in heel character? That doesn’t explain how Kevin Owens got away with it.

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