Nikki Bella Says WWE Should Have Women Tag Team Titles

Nikki Bella Says WWE Should Have Women Tag Team Titles

Nikki Bella was asked in a new video blog if WWE should have Women’s Tag Team Championship titles and revealed that she does believe the company should have them on the RAW brand.

“Being in a former tag team, I definitely think there should be a tag team [title], plus you get more women involved. …I think it would be cool to have the tag team titles on Raw since it’s a three hour show – and SmackDown being two hours – there has to be time for it.”

Do you think the company should have Women Tag Team Championship titles? Sound off in the comment section below…



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  • Melissa A. Klein

    Who the hell is she saying that they should have a women’s Tag Team titles we don’t have enough women to do it with she should really keep to what she knows drinking wine spending John Cena’s money and looking like a slut

    • Jmãx99

      Well raw does have tag matches all the time.add titles with the Mae young classic and nxt women and people like emma beggging for tv time thus remove 205 and it can be successful and we can have more one on one title match rather than fatal four and six pack have team creative fueds.Just my oppion.
      And ….nikki looking like a slut got her a lot of thing you can’t and will never get
      I bet you wish u had her body

  • Ivan

    there are not enough divas in the division for this to happen

  • Darrin Dalton

    Not enough female superstars for that, & also they gotta take the women much more seriously if they want to expand the women’s division.

  • Amos Cheek

    If the women ever get their own show.That is the only way it would ever work.

  • Joseph k

    I would love to see you with wwe raw women’s tag team championship

  • Kyle Barbosa

    The sad thing is, if they moved all the developmental women on to the main roster, they could make this work

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