Backstage Heat on Both Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Backstage Heat on Both Enzo Amore & Big Cass

It looks like Vince Russo was right when he claimed there was some sort of backstage heat on Enzo Amore on one of his recent podcasts installments.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there is a lot of heat on Enzo right now. There was an incident on the tour bus when the talents were traveling together a few weeks back. While the details aren’t exactly clear what happened, the incident lead to Roman Reigns kicking Enzo off the bus for whatever what down. He is also getting the “Miz treatment”, which means he’s not allowed to dress in the locker room with the other talents.

Speaking of Enzo, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter also reports that there is some heat on Big Cass as well. The heat stems from his views on politics as he’s a strong Trump supporter in a locker room where many don’t share those views. Unlike Enzo, this will not affect his push because management is high on Cass.


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  • Craig Hawley

    I’d be shocked if a lot of the management were anti-Trump, since they’ve done so much business with him, and Linda McMahon was his pick for Secretary of Entrepreneurism or something like that. But I’d like to know what happened for Enzo to get such heat.

    • Someo Nelse

      Management might be Trump supporters, but I doubt most of the locker room are. I really wonder what Enzo did as well.

    • Kaiser

      You’re correct. Linda is Trump’s hand-picked Administrator of the Small Business Administration.

      Anyone in WWE’s lockeroom who is strongly anti-Trump is either a TOTAL uninformed moron and has no idea who they’re working for (joke’s on them), or they just need to learn to keep their political opinions to themselves. Part of being an adult.

      • Marcos

        “Keeping your political opinions to yourself” is not part of being an adult. Being part of being civil and polite, maybe.
        Now, standing up for what you believe and facing the consequences, THAT is part of being brave.

        • Moe Greene

          In the workplace, discussing politics is called being dumb and has been dumb since 1776.

        • Mark1896

          Spoken like someone who isn’t a grown-ass adult.

        • Omar

          Nobody was talking about being a brave rebel without a care in the world. They were talking about what it takes to be *employed*.

          …something you clearly don’t have much experience with.

          • daleh33

            Marcos has probably been gettin all his shit paid for all of his life, that’s why he has no clue on how to act in the workplace.

  • daleh33

    To see Enzo gettin put on the shot list is kind of funny. Enzo was Cass’s Heyman. Cass might be good in the ring but he will never, at least in the near future, be able to sell a real legit promo, and even though some people don’t believe that isn’t part of a wrestlers job, they are wrong.

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