Wes Lee really wanted the NXT North American Title again, but Oba Femi proved once more he’s tough to beat at NXT Heatwave. This was a hard-fought match, but Lee was defeated. Now, he’s here to talk about his future.

During the July 9 episode of NXT, Wes Lee came out to address his future. He seemed sullen as he made his way to the ring, and then he took the microphone. He spoke about Heatwave and how he was ready to raise the NXT North American Title above his head once again. Sadly, that didn’t happen for Wes Lee.

He then said that he had “one hell of a run in NXT,” and fans started to brace themselves and chant “Please Don’t Go!” Wes Lee then said, “I think it’s time to start stepping away.” Suddenly, MSK’s music hit, and out came Nash Carter and Trey Miguel.

The Rascalz made their way to the ring to reunite with Wes Lee, the one member left in NXT. Zachary Wentz, who was Nash Carter during his NXT tenure, and Trey Miguel were greeted by fans in a big way.


They told Wes Lee how much they missed him, and he replied that he missed them as well. Then Carter said it’s not about them, it’s about Wes Lee. They called him the greatest North American Champion ever, and it’s time to get MSK back together and “I think it’s time for the Rascalz to wreck shop around here.”

They all did their Little Rascals sign and hugged in the middle of the ring. Now, the Rascalz are part of NXT, and that was a huge surprise for fans this week as NXT and TNA Wrestling’s partnership continues.

Wes Lee had quite a run as NXT North American Champion. His tenure as champion ended, but now he wants that title back. Oba Femi was too dominant a champion for him to overcome, leaving him overwhelmed at Heatwave.

Miguel never went to NXT and stayed in TNA Wrestling, while Nash Carter was in NXT for a while but was fired after a public controversy. Now, the trio have reunited in NXT, and the future seems bright.

What’s your take on Wes Lee’s time in NXT? Do you think he’s ready for the main roster? Let us know in the comments section!

H Jenkins

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