Maria Kanellis was once a mainstay of WWE television, but that is all in the past now. She is currently part of the AEW and ROH roster but has been absent for a while. In the meantime, Kanellis has revealed that she is dealing with a health crisis.

Last year, Maria Kanellis revealed that she underwent thyroid surgery and thankfully, it all went well. Unfortunately, her health hasn’t been the best for the past year and that has also been attributed to her infrequent appearances on AEW and ROH.

Maria Kanellis has not been utilized on ROH television much lately and she also made it clear she was not happy about her limited role as well. However, she is dealing with a lot of issues at the moment.

Maria Kanellis took to Twitter and shared a personal story about her recent health journey. Six months ago, she requested to have her adrenal glands and hormone levels checked due to certain symptoms she was experiencing.


However, her insurance did not approve the tests. Recently, during another test, a mass was found accidentally, prompting her to undergo a CT scan with contrast to determine if the mass was on her kidney or adrenal gland. Kanellis gave emphasis to the importance of listening to your body and advocating for your health.

”So fun story… 6 months ago I asked to get my adrenal glands checked and blood work done to check hormone levels because of symptoms I had been having. Insurance would not approve the tests. Fast forward today, I had a CT with contrast to check a mass that was found accidentally during another test, that is either on my kidney or adrenal gland. Moral of the story… listen to your body.”

Maria Kanellis has also addressed her prolonged absence from AEW and ROH television. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kanellis during her current health crisis and we hope she recovers as soon as possible.

Do you feel ROH will have something substantial planned for Maria Kanellis upon her return to television eventually? Please share your prayers in the comments section below.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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