The Wyatt Sicks faction finally made their impactful debut two weeks ago, ending WWE RAW in a dramatic massacre. On the go-home show before WWE Money in the Bank on July 1, 2024, in Boston, the episode began with Jey Uso and Chad Gable in a verbal confrontation ahead of their participation in the Men’s ladder match.

Gable claimed it was a miracle he survived the Wyatt Sicks attack and suggested they should target Jey for abandoning his family. A confrontation ensued, with Jey nearly hitting a Uso Splash before Gable escaped. As Gable thought he was safe, the lights dimmed, and the Wyatt Sicks’ music played.

The smoke filled the arena, and Gable fled through the crowd in fear, passing the ominous figures of the Wyatt Sicks. This comes after Chad Gable has been evidently seen as the prime victim of the notorious faction in recent weeks.

Moreover, in an unseen photo obtained by Ringside News, many fans missed an intriguing detail during Gable’s backstage segment with The Creed Brothers. As he was standing close to a WWE production truck, the head of the Firefly Funhouse character, Huskus The Pig, could be spotted beneath, possibly hinting at The Wyatt Sicks shenanigans following Chad Gable backstage.


With the menacing antics of The Wyatt Sicks growing with every passing week, it seems that Chad Gable might be Uncle Howdy’s first opponent after stepping inside the squared circle.

What are your thoughts on the unseen photo revealing Wyatt Sicks continuing to stalk Chad Gable on RAW backstage? Sound off in the comments!

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