Following the arrival of “Broken” Matt Hardy to TNA at Rebellion last month, his brother Jeff Hardy also made his return at TNA Against All Odds.

The Charismatic Enigma came to the aid of his brother, who was under attack by The System (Moose, Brian Myers, and Eddie Edwards). Jeff’s contract with AEW had expired on the same day, allowing him to make his comeback to TNA.

On the latest episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt discussed Jeff’s arrival at TNA Wrestling. He explained that Jeff was still under contract with AEW, and Matt had been negotiating for both of them. Matt had hoped to align his deal with Jeff’s, potentially exploring options to return to AEW as a team.

However, the offers they received were not satisfactory. Consequently, Hardy decided to compete in TNA’s Against All Odds, suggesting a storyline with Moose that would culminate in a major match where he would put Moose over.


“Jeff was still with AEW. I was saying, ‘let me match up with his deal. When his deal ends, I’ll work through that.’ If something works where I can go back to AEW and we can team together, that’s cool and we could do that. I was talking with those guys and we came to two or three different offers, and nothing was quite what I wanted. I was doing all the negotiating for myself and Jeff. I was trying to set myself up for something new when Jeff’s contract ended. I ended up doing Against All Odds. Let me do a program with Moose, we’ll have a killer blowoff match, and I’ll put Moose over.” 

Furthermore, Matt Hardy confirmed that he and Jeff are free agents without contracts. They are currently working with TNA on a short-term basis and are open to extending their involvement if a suitable offer is made.

“We’re both free agents. We don’t have any contract. We’re just doing TNA programs right now. We have agreed to work with them for a couple of months and we’re not opposed to extending that. If they wanted to offer something, we would have a conversation with them.”

With The Hardy Boyz confirming their free agency status, it remains to be seen if they will sign a long-term deal with TNA or pursue other promotions for further opportunities.

What are your thoughts on Matt Hardy confirming his and Jeff Hardy’s free-agent status? Sound off in the comments!

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