WWE United States Champion continues to remain on a high despite coming up short of dethroning Cody Rhodes at the WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE. However, there has been a new challenger who has been eyeing his title and took things way too far in his quest for a championship match.

The star is none other than the leader of the YEAH! Movement, LA Knight. As seen for weeks, LA Knight and Logan Paul have been exchanging verbal shots over Knight’s pursuit for a United States Championship match.

While Paul has openly stated that LA Knight does not deserve a title match, the Megastar has refused to take that answer and took things to a different level. On the June 14 edition of SmackDown from Scotland, it was seen that LA Knight actually broke into Logan Paul’s house in Puerto Rico.

As The Maverick returned from a tour, he was shocked to see his arch-rival relaxing in his own pool, getting past security and making himself at home. As Paul told him to leave, LA Knight did so, not before asking Logal Paul to confront him on SmackDown next week in Chicago, teasing at things to be taken ahead in this brewing rivalry.


Do you think LA Knight’s antics would earn him a US title match against Logan Paul? Were you shocked to see LA Knight break into Logan Paul’s house? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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