WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry made his debut for AEW at their Double Or Nothing pay-per-view in 2021, which garnered significant attention. However, in the three years since then, some have voiced opinions that he didn’t achieve much within the company, leading to his departure.

Reports earlier this week indicated that Mark Henry’s contract with AEW expired last month, prompting speculation about his future with the company. The World Strongest’s Man has since confirmed that he will not be re-signing with AEW.

Moreover, former WWE superstar Matt Morgan passionately advocated for WWE to rehire Mark Henry for prominent backstage role. However, in a new interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Mark Henry hinted at something “big” and stated it as the main reason he needed to be on his own, citing AEW exit.

“Keep your ears to the street. I’m working on something big right now, and it’s really the main reason why I need to be on my own.” 


With AEW in his rearview and working on something individually, we will have to wait and see what Mark Henry has planned up his sleeve for the wrestling world that would be presented as his own.

What are your thoughts on Mark Henry teasing something big which he cited as the reason for AEW exit? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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