Ricochet is considered one of the most talented, high-flying WWE superstars in the modern era. However, the talk of the town surrounds Ricochet’s departure from the company, citing recent events.

Multiple reports indicate that the former WWE Intercontinental Champion’s time with WWE may be coming to an end, sparking considerable interest from wrestling organizations worldwide.

Another report also suggested that Ricochet had notified WWE of his impending exit. While this hasn’t been officially confirmed, WWE insiders suggest a high likelihood of Ricochet leaving, with a potential move to Tony Khan’s company, AEW, being speculated.

Amidst the discussion, a user on X showed support for Ricochet and posted a throwback video where he was seen arriving in a sports car and delivering a scratching promo during his feud with Mustafa Ali. The Highlight of the Night took notice and revealed that he did the promo in one take via his X.


“One Take.”

Additionally, WWE has begun making creative adjustments in anticipation of Ricochet’s exit. This was highlighted by his recent loss of the WWE Speed Championship to Andrade on Smackdown. Additional creative strategies are being explored to write Ricochet off WWE TV, if necessary. However, it is expected the picture will be much clearer in the coming weeks surrounding Ricochet and his next move in the wrestling world.

Do you think Ricochet was a good worker on the mic? Will he indeed leave WWE and sign with the rival company, AEW? Is the future better for him to jump ship? Sound off in the comments!

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