Roxanne Perez expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to partake in the inaugural TNA versus WWE NXT crossover and eagerly anticipates her long-awaited showdown with Jordynne Grace.

Set to defend her WWE NXT Women’s Championship at WWE NXT Battleground against Grace, Perez acknowledges the historic potential of the match, as Grace aims to become the first woman to hold both the WWE NXT Women’s Title and the TNA Knockouts World Championship simultaneously.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Perez reveals her longstanding desire to face Grace, stretching back to their days on the independent circuit. She expresses her eagerness to potentially venture into TNA territory to challenge Grace for her championship.

“This match has been on my mind for years,” Perez states. “I’ve always wanted to step into the ring with Jordynne Grace, and the prospect of doing so in TNA is incredibly exciting.”


For Perez, this match signifies more than just another bout—it represents her dedication and passion for wrestling. With unwavering determination, she asserts her readiness to face Grace and defend her championship.

“As I step into that ring, this isn’t just a match—it’s my life,” Perez declares. “I’ve never been more prepared to take on Jordynne. Bring it on.”

As Roxanne Perez gets set to battle Jordynne Grace at WWE NXT Battleground, the excitement is building. Perez is eager for this long-awaited showdown, expressing her passion for wrestling and readiness to defend her championship. This match isn’t just another bout—it’s a dream come true for Perez, and she’s ready to give it her all.

What are your thoughts on Roxanne Perez’s anticipation for her upcoming showdown with Jordynne Grace at WWE NXT Battleground? Do you believe this match has the potential to be a historic moment in wrestling, considering Grace’s aim to hold both the WWE NXT Women’s Title and the TNA Knockouts World Championship simultaneously? Share your excitement and predictions for this highly anticipated matchup in the comments below!

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