Since her debut a couple of months ago, Jade Cargill has been portrayed as one of the biggest stars in the women’s division of WWE. The former AEW star has been aligned with the EST of WWE, Bianca Belair, since her run on Smackdown kicked off and the duo became the Women’s Tag team Champions at WWE Backlash 2024. 

While Cargill is one of the most popular and loved names in the wrestling industry currently, she wrestled in front of no fans back in her early days. However, the transition from no fans to millions cheering for her and the journey to that has been phenomenal. 

In an appearance on Battleground, the Storm of WWE was asked what the early Jade Cargill would say to her current version. In a confident response, Cargill stated that she was destined to get good things in the future and named herself the unicorn of the industry. 

“It doesn’t seem that far away. I think it’s harder performing in front of your co-workers with the pandemic days. If anything, everybody knows everything so it’s more nerve-racking for me to perform in front of my co-workers rather than performing in front of fans. I love fans. I welcome fans. The European crowd was, wow, it was crazy. If anything went off the rails, they were like, ‘YAY! YEAH!’ It’s crazy. With the Daily’s Place days, I wouldn’t think I would be here right now. I would think I would still be where I was. I knew I was destined for great things. I know that I am the unicorn of wrestling right now. Would I think I would be in this position? No, but I knew I was destined for great things.” 


Jade Cargill, when asked if she would like to have unicorn printed merchandise, hilariously stated that she would need the New Day’s permission to do that. While her merchandise doesn’t say something like that until now, Cargill being called the unicorn of the industry won’t be a surprise. 

Do you agree that Jade Cargill is the unicorn of wrestling? Let us know in the comments section below.

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