The Tonga Twins (Kaoz & Kona) who had been a prime fixture in the Women of Wrestling promotion, announced their departure from the company in a recent social media, shedding light on their grievances with the promotion.

While the twins refrained from providing explicit details, Kaoz and Kona did not mince words in their criticism, labeling WOW promotion as ‘evil’ and accusing the promotion of interfering with their family.

The Tonga Twins’ declaration signals a bold stance against perceived injustices within WOW, with their departure marking a significant shift in their careers. Moreover, witnessing their ability to stand up for themselves alongside their in-ring craft, fans rallied on social media for the talented twins to make a move to the global juggernaut, WWE.

Till now, WWE has seen only one pair of female twins make a name for themselves in WWE, Nikki and Brie, The Bella Twins, so having a twin tag team in the mix in the new era of WWE could be an excellent move. Furthermore, as they transition into free agency for now, their message resonates with a commitment to advocate for fairness and integrity within the wrestling industry, something that their peers, The Bella Twins also stood for.


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Nikunj Walia

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