The rising star of AEW, Skye Blue encountered a distressing situation during the latest ROH tapings when she faced barrage of sexist and vulgar remarks from an unruly fan. The incident disrupted the event as the man in the front row persistently made inappropriate comments about Blue’s body and hurled derogatory names at her.

The official in charge during her match, Referee Aubrey Edwards took swift action, calling for security to intervene and remove the disruptive fan. Both AEW and arena security responded to the situation, but it escalated further when the man resisted removal, necessitating additional security involvement.

The victim of the verbal barrage, Skye Blue heard everything and left the premises. However, the AEW star received an overwhelming show of support from fans and fellow peers, including Chelsea Green and Gisele Shaw.

Now, the overwhelming support was joined by another WWE female competitor, Shayna Baszler. The Queen of Spades took to her X to voice support for Skye Blue, citing the example of her dog and stating that a man should learn to be a man instead of acting like an animal.


“If I can leave a plate of food on my coffee table and leave the room & MY DOG knows to not eat it, a man can learn to be A MAN & not act like an animal too.”

Following support from fans and wrestlers, Skye Blue broke her silence on the matter, expressing profound gratitude for the outpouring of support following the harrowing incident at the ROH taping. While it’s heartening that Skye Blue received immense support, fans believe that these issues must be directly confronted to prevent their recurrence in the future.

What are your thoughts on Shayna Baszler joining the fray to support Skye Blue following the recent ROH incident? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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