Following Kevin Dunn’s departure from WWE, Lee Fitting joined the promotion, bringing fresh perspective to the company. Since then, WWE has experienced a noticeable shift in its presentation, with an emphasis on evolving and modernizing its approach.

To maintain momentum, the promotion is introducing even more changes to enhance the fan experience and improve the overall product. These changes may include updates to production, storytelling, and character development, all aimed at attracting new audiences while retaining the loyalty of long-time fans.

Under Fitting’s leadership, WWE has incorporated various camera shots and adopted a more sports-oriented presentation style for its broadcasts. This shift in approach enhances the viewing experience, offering fans a more dynamic and engaging perspective of the matches and the overall event.

According to PWInsider, the setup for Smackdown and RAW that was seen over WrestleMania weekend will become the standard going forward. This decision is part of WWE’s efforts to streamline production and allow for more fans to be packed into the arenas. By rolling back certain aspects of production, the company aims to enhance the live event experience for fans and increase audience attendance.


”The Smackdown and Raw setup seen over Wrestlemania weekend will be the norm going forward as a way to roll back certain aspects of productionn in favor of packing more fans into the Arenas.  Even Madison Square Garden will feature the smaller production setup for the 6/28 Smackdown taping.  There may be exceptions to this but it was will be one of the changes as part of the Endeavor era.”

We had already reported there will be changes at the Madison Square Garden show as well. We will have to wait and see what other changes WWE will end up bringing in the coming months, as there are a lot of things fans can look forward to this year already.

Are you looking forward to all the changes WWE will be implementing this year? Sound off in the comments section below!

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