Kevin Dunn, a highly influential executive with over three decades at WWE, is leaving the company, according to an exclusive report from Dunn held the position of Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution, and he informed WWE of his decision to exit around Christmas week.

One of the significant factors contributing to Dunn’s decision appears to be internal changes following Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE. Sources suggest that Dunn was not willing to adhere to directives imposed on him, as opposed to his previous role overseeing production more independently. The issue seems to revolve around differing visions for how TV production should be managed, with WWE’s new owner seeking cost-cutting measures.

Despite rumors of his departure in recent years, WWE never asked Dunn to leave. In fact, the WWE Board of Directors requested that he stay on when Vince McMahon initially retired in July 2022.

Dunn’s departure is not entirely surprising, as it had been speculated for some time that he had no intention of working for anyone other than Vince McMahon within WWE. With McMahon’s influence diminishing following the acquisition by Endeavor and TKO Group Holdings, Dunn’s exit now has significant implications.


Kevin Dunn played a pivotal role in shaping the look and feel of WWE programming since 1993 when Monday Night Raw debuted on the USA Network. He served as the Executive Producer for all WWE programming, influencing the unique style of WWE production that has become synonymous with professional wrestling for the casual viewer.

In addition to his creative influence, Dunn held the role of Line Producer for every WWE broadcast from 1993 onward. In the entertainment industry, the line producer is a crucial role responsible for budgeting, crew hiring, overseeing fiscal responsibility during filming, and managing emergencies during production. Dunn’s influence on WWE’s production, therefore, extended far beyond the creative aspects.

Dunn’s connection to WWE runs deep, with his father, Dennis Dunn, also having been involved with WWF programming in the early 1970s. The Dunn family’s bond with WWE was solidified when Dennis Dunn rescued WWF TV taping masters from a car fire, saving the promotion’s history.

Throughout his tenure, Kevin Dunn advocated for WWE as a theatrical show rather than a sport, which led to debates with wrestling purists. Nevertheless, he remained Vince McMahon’s right-hand man and maintained a steadfast commitment to protecting WWE’s intellectual property.

Dunn’s departure has stirred mixed reactions, with some celebrating the end of an era while others acknowledge his significant impact on the wrestling industry. His exit marks a turning point in WWE’s history, and the industry awaits to see what WWE production will look like in the post-Kevin Dunn era.

The question of who, if anyone, will replace Dunn in his role remains unanswered, and it is speculated that multiple individuals may share his responsibilities. WWE’s production direction, especially with the involvement of Paul Levesque (Triple H), will be closely watched in the wake of Dunn’s departure. Kevin Dunn’s post-WWE future is also a subject of interest within the wrestling community.

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