The recent airing of footage depicting an altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry on AEW All In during the April 10 episode of AEW Dynamite has sparked varied reactions within the wrestling community.

Dave Meltzer, addressing the airing on Wrestling Observer Radio, expressed his sentiments, stating, “My thought is, you need to get past this. It does nobody any good.” He further added insights gathered from conversations, highlighting a spectrum of responses. “There were a couple of people who were like, yeah, Adam Page never got to answer back… But most people were just like, we’re over it, it’s not part of our lives, it’s not part of our company, forget about it.”

Meltzer emphasized the importance of moving forward, suggesting that dwelling on the incident serves no constructive purpose for AEW. “Now here, as soon as Tony did that, then I started to hear from people, and it was people who were just like, really frustrated going like, ‘Now it’s back, the whole thing is back’.”

The airing of the footage reopened old wounds for some, reigniting frustration and exacerbating unresolved tensions. Meltzer’s assessment echoed a prevailing sentiment within the wrestling community: closure is imperative for the promotion to thrive.


On AEW Dynamite, The Young Bucks contextualized the footage within the narrative of their upcoming match against FTR at AEW Dynasty, citing the tainted nature of their last encounter at AEW All In due to the backstage altercation.

In response to the broadcast, Matthew & Nicholas Jackson took to Twitter, adopting a tongue-in-cheek moniker, “EVPetty,” perhaps as a lighthearted acknowledgment of their involvement in the incident.

Meanwhile, CM Punk, true to his persona, offered his reaction to the footage being shown on AEW Dynamite in a manner consistent with his character.

As the wrestling world navigates this latest development, it prompts reflection on the significance of closure and moving forward. How do you perceive the impact of revisiting past conflicts on the wrestling landscape? Share your thoughts and insights below.

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