In a move that has sparked significant anticipation, AEW President Tony Khan has addressed the decision to air backstage footage from AEW All In, featuring The Young Bucks during this week’s Dynamite episode.

The decision stems from an incident involving CM Punk and Jack Perry at AEW All In last August, which resulted in Perry’s suspension and Punk’s release. The airing of the footage follows Punk’s recent detailed discussion of the incident on The MMA Hour.

The altercation unfolded after Punk advised Perry against using real glass for a segment on TV. During his match at All In, Perry referenced glass to the camera, stating, “Real glass, cry me a river,” which led to the physical altercation.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Khan addressed the decision to air the footage, stating, “AEW has a great track record on delivering what we advertise, and it is real footage.” Khan remained cautious about revealing specific content but emphasized the significance of All In as the most crucial event in AEW’s history.


“The Young Bucks will show backstage footage from All In, the most important event in AEW history–the world record-holder for the most tickets ever sold for any wrestling record, over 81,035 total–and it was an important night backstage, as well,” Khan stated.

Khan elaborated on the decision, highlighting the aim to deliver the best show for AEW while generating interest for Dynamite and the upcoming Dynasty pay-per-view on April 21st. Khan stressed that the footage depicts real-life events that impacted many individuals and will be aired for the first time on TBS during Dynamite.

Khan also mentioned the upcoming match between The Young Bucks and FTR for the vacant Tag Team Titles at Dynasty, suggesting a connection between the airing of the footage and the match. “There is a good reason why the Young Bucks are showing this video,” Khan remarked, indicating the importance of The Young Bucks providing context for its relevance to the upcoming match.

As noted earlier today, Ringside News has exclusively reported WWE’s internal reaction to AEW’s decision to air the All In footage, which outlined how the company believes it’s misguided and foolish.

As the release of the footage approaches on Wednesday, fans eagerly await the moment, with the comments section buzzing with excitement. While some are eager for the revelations it may bring, others tread cautiously, aware of the potential repercussions of this significant moment in wrestling history.

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