AEW is strongly suggesting that they will be airing the Brawl In footage from All In 2023, and it’s now been confirmed that it’s part of their plans.

During AEW Collision Saturday, graphic appeared indicating that the Young Bucks will present backstage footage from AEW All In and discuss it for the first time. While some initially viewed this as possibly a troll or bait, individuals familiar with the situation have assured to Fightful Select and Wrestling Observer that it’s legitimate, and the footage from the CM Punk/Jack Perry altercation is expected to be included.

Several individuals within AEW have emphasized that the company wouldn’t falsely promote something of this nature.

Talent and staff who inquired about the matter were informed that it’s indeed the plan to air the footage, and legal concerns don’t seem to be an issue.


It’s worth noting that the Young Bucks are currently involved in a tag team tournament, in which FTR are still active. FTR has a public connection with CM Punk. When asked how this might play out, one veteran on the roster remarked, “I’d be surprised if FTR weren’t given a heads up. I can’t say for certain they were, but if I know Tony the way I think I do, they would have at least been given a fair warning it was coming because he respects them a lot.”

According to those within AEW, they believe that the footage is sufficient for the company to part ways cleanly without much issue or legal battle. As of now, the footage hasn’t been shared internally with anyone.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out on television and what is revealed. The excitement is palpable as fans eagerly await this unprecedented behind-the-scenes look.

What are your expectations for the fallout from this airing, and how might it influence storylines and backstage dynamics moving forward in AEW? Let us know in the comments below.

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