At NXT Stand And Deliver this past Saturday afternoon, Giulia was spotted in familiar role akin to past free agents who have appeared in the crowd during NXT programming.

According to insights from Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan, Giulia has officially agreed to join WWE and will fulfill her remaining dates, including some time in Rossy Ogawa’s upcoming promotion.

The decision reportedly came after WWE offered a more lucrative deal compared to AEW, with WWE showing greater interest in signing Giulia. Notably, Giulia opted not to enlist an agent during her free agency period.

Sources also indicate that William Regal played a pivotal role in negotiations between WWE and Giulia, with Rossy Ogawa’s involvement also being significant in securing her signature.


Regarding Giulia’s potential debut with NXT, it’s believed she could begin at any moment, especially considering her current presence in the US. Rossy Ogawa’s return to Japan alone on Tuesday hints at Giulia’s readiness to start her WWE journey.

As for her surprise appearance at NXT Stand And Deliver, sources reveal that Giulia was swiftly escorted to her ringside seat under a cloak and was reportedly taken aback by the overwhelmingly positive reaction from the crowd.

Additionally, Giulia was spotted at WrestleMania 40, both backstage and in the crowd. Notably, she was seen wearing credentials labeled “performer,” hinting at her involvement in WWE’s future endeavors.

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