Paul Heyman was set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year and that’s exactly what happened as he was truly the star attraction for the ceremony. He also brought back his ECW persona for one night only and we now have footage of his profane warning during the ceremony.

The WWE orchestrated a remarkable Hall of Fame 2024 Induction ceremony, commencing with a thrilling surprise: Paul Heyman’s induction into the prestigious Hall of Fame, presented by none other than the Undisputed WWE Champion, Roman Reigns. The decision to honor Heyman in the very city where he made waves with ECW in the 1990s, resonated deeply, paying homage to his trailblazing influence on the industry.

The gravity of Heyman’s induction was further underscored by the attendance of ECW icons like Rob Van Dam and Bully Ray, who graced the occasion to witness their mentor’s rightful place in history.

The excitement peaked when Heyman revealed a treasure trove of memorabilia from his ECW days, carefully unveiled from a box atop the podium. Among the cherished items were his iconic long-trenched leather jacket, vintage headsets, the original cell phone he once wielded, and an ECW cap that faithfully recreated his legendary look, momentarily resurrecting the spirit of the promotion for an electrifying evening.


As revealed by footage making rounds online, Paul Heyman had some scathing words for ECW detractors, as he told haters to suck his f***** d***.

“If you think that the spirit of ECW died in a bankruptcy court in 2001, you can suck my f*cking d*** .”

Paul Heyman even mentioned Brock Lesnar during his WWE Hall of Fame speech. Nevertheless, The Wiseman of The Bloodline truly stole the show and that is all that matters in the end.

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