WWE did a commendable job with the Hall of Fame 2024 Induction ceremony. The fireworks kicked off with a surprise as Paul Heyman was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Undisputed WWE Champion Roman Reigns. While fans expected Heyman to be inducted last, WWE had some different plans. 

While WWE’s surprise had the world talking, they had another incoming. During the video package featuring the career and life of Paul Heyman ahead of his Hall of Fame induction, fans expected Heyman’s former client Brock Lesnar to be included. However, with Vicne McMahon’s lawsuit yet to be concluded, WWE opted to omit Lesnar from the package. 

However, this didn’t stop Paul Heyman from addressing how influential Lesnar’s career was for him. The newest member of the Hall of Fame stated that he was honored by getting an opportunity to work with the Beast Incarnate. 

Paul Heyman’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony was clearly one of the best speeches in the history of WWE. Though WWE opted to leave Brock Lesnar from the video package, the Beast Incarnate deserved to be inducted and Heyman made sure he did. 


What is your reaction to Paul Heyman name dropping Brock Lesnar during his Hall of Fame speech? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ishaan Rathi

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