WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels after carving out his incredible legacy as an in-ring competitor for decades, has now taken up the reins as an important WWE management member to develop the next generation of WWE NXT.

Recently, he watched his classic WrestleMania 23 bout against the Greatest of all time, John Cena for the WWE championship ahead of the upcoming 40th edition of the show alongside NXT rising star Trick Williams.

During their watch-along, Shawn Michaels advised Trick Williams to not let people’s opinions affect his mindset and slow him down in his progress to become a top-tier WWE superstar in the future.

“I don’t know if it effects you sometimes, but John was in a position where he was the champion, but I think people weren’t sure if he was ready yet. Never let that stuff stop you. He never let that kind of stuff, that doubt, slow him down.”


Moreover, he compared Trick Williams to John Cena in that aspect, having the same hunger to prove himself time and time again against some of the best WWE superstars, much like what the Cenation Leader did in his prime.

“He knew within himself that he was ready to take on the best. Whether it was Hunter [Triple H], myself, Undertaker. John had a lot to prove to a lot of people. You and him are similar in that respect. Sometimes, it’s going to have to take you having to mow down guy after guy after guy to earn that respect from your peers. That’s how you do it; in these big times matches, one after another. Just clicking them off. That’s exactly what he did.”

Trick Wiliams is slated to be the main event of NXT’s premier show, Stand and Deliver this year, colliding against his former best friend, Carmelo Hayes after weeks of heated feud and encounters between them.

So it will interesting to see if Williams would be able to whoop that trick and put down a top star like Hayes to continue his ascend as a top prospect in WWE.

Do you think Trick Williams draws similarities from John Cena as mentioned by Shawn Michaels? Sound off in the comments!

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