WWE Hall of Famer-to-be, Paul Heyman, has shed light on his approach to his upcoming induction speech for the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Headlining the prestigious class in Philadelphia alongside notable figures such as Mike Rotunda, Barry Windham, Bull Nakano, Muhammed Ali, and Thunderbolt Patterson, Heyman shared his thoughts on the matter during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show.

When asked about his preparedness for the momentous occasion, Heyman confessed that he hasn’t meticulously planned out his speech. Rather, he intends to gauge the atmosphere of the night and go with the flow.

“No, I’m going to figure this out as we go along. I’m gonna take the pulse of the room that night. I’m gonna wing this,” Heyman stated.


Uncertain of the audience’s expectations, Heyman pondered aloud, questioning whether the crowd desires insights into the contemporary WWE landscape, reminisces about the iconic days of ECW, or perhaps seeks motivational anecdotes about chasing one’s dreams.

“I don’t know what the crowd itself is expecting from me. Is this a crowd that wants me to talk about the modern-day WWE and Roman Reigns and the Bloodline and the WrestleMania main event of Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes?” he mused.

“Is this a crowd that, in Philadelphia, wants to talk about ECW? Is this a crowd that’s looking for some inspiration and a speech about pursuing one’s own dreams? I really won’t know until I take the temperature of the room that night,” Heyman continued.

Adhering to the fundamental principle of knowing one’s audience, Heyman expressed confidence in adapting his speech to resonate with the attendees once he senses their vibe.

“You always have to know your audience, so once I feel the crowd, I’ll pretty much know what I’ll have to do to deliver for them,” he concluded.

With Heyman’s speech poised to be a highlight of the Hall of Fame ceremony, the anticipation builds as wrestling enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of his improvised yet undoubtedly captivating address.

What are your thoughts on Paul Heyman’s approach to his upcoming Hall of Fame induction speech? Let us know in the comments.

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