Trish Stratus would go down in history as a true game changer and trailblazer who lit the early fire in the movement that later on became the Women’s Revolution in the modern era by those who succeeded her.

Moreover, Stratus thrived at a time when women in WWE did not receive significant opportunities. However, it was her spectacular in-ring acumen, instant classic bouts, and moments that once made her the ‘Diva of the Decade.’

However, it has been evident fact that many male members of the WWE Universe have adorned Trish Stratus back then and even now, due to her amazing physical stature and mesmerizing beauty that has only grown over the years with people claiming that Stratus has aged like fine wine.

Interestingly, TNA Knockouts division member Gia Miller, as revealed by STLSamSnaps on her X, wants to follow in the WWE Hall of Famer’s beauty footsteps could help men of this generation through their puberty much like Trish Stratus did during her full-time run.


““Trish Stratus helped all the guys in our generation get through puberty. I want to do that for the next generation. #RevolverREADY

Trish Stratus made her return to WWE television programming last year for an extended run that saw her battle some of the top stars of today including her high-profile rivalry with The Man Becky Lynch.

Moreover, she and her best friend, Lita, also the heartthrob of male fans along with Trish recently hinted at WWE comeback. So it will be interesting to see if the iconic duo can return and find themselves in the mix for a star-studded feud.

Do you think that the effect of Trish Stratus’ beauty and appeal could be replicated again? Will TNA Knockout Gia Miller be the one to do it? Sound off in the comments!

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