Toxic Attraction, the once-dominant stable in the WWE NXT women’s division, was spearheaded by former star Mandy Rose, with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne serving as her formidable allies.

While all three women held championship gold simultaneously at one point, Rose recently revealed in an interview with For The Love of Wrestling that she would have chosen two different partners if given the chance.

“I would say… Gotta go with my girl Sonya Deville because we used to be tag team partners and Cora Jade,” Rose expressed when asked about her ideal faction lineup.

Reflecting on the formation of Toxic Attraction, Rose credited WWE executive Shawn Michaels for playing a pivotal role in its creation. “Obviously, Shawn Michaels was a big part of that. When I first got there, it was not ‘make these girls more like you’ but ‘I need to be a little bit edgier,’ so I actually took their edginess a little bit, and we all kind of meshed together.”


Recalling the diversity within the faction, Rose highlighted how their distinct styles set them apart. “We didn’t even match our gear to the tee; we kept our styles.” As for the origin of the faction’s name, Rose admitted she was unsure but emphasized Michaels’ involvement in the process.

“I don’t know specifically who came up with the name and all that, but Shawn Michaels was a big part of it. Then one thing led to the next. We just dominated,” she remarked.

Regarding their outfits, Rose confessed that she particularly enjoyed the diversity in Toxic Attraction’s attire.

Although Rose was released from WWE during her tenure on “NXT,” recent backstage updates have hinted at the possibility of her returning someday. In the meantime, Rose has been thriving with her Fan Time account, showcasing her engagement with fans outside the wrestling ring.

What do you think Toxic Attraction’s legacy will be in WWE NXT, and how do you believe Mandy Rose’s vision for the faction might have impacted its trajectory if she had chosen different partners? Let us know in the comments below.

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