The ongoing feud between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre has been a highlight of the wrestling world for several months now. Since Rollins secured the World Heavyweight Championship in May last year, McIntyre has faced him in two high-stakes encounters, coming up short each time.

However, McIntyre’s victory in the Men’s Elimination Chamber match has earned him another opportunity to challenge Rollins for the title. Set for Night 2 of WrestleMania 40, McIntyre is determined to seize the championship from The Visionary.

Despite the looming championship bout, Rollins has publicly stated his lack of concern regarding McIntyre, instead focusing on tag team match scheduled for Night 1 alongside Cody Rhodes against Roman Reigns and The Rock.

He ignited the issue once again on tonight’s edition of RAW, blaming Rollins for exercising the importance of WrestleMania with the tag team match instead of viewing his own title match as credible enough to steal the show in Philidelphia.


That led to Rollins firing back at Drew McIntyre’s past World title endeavors and labeling him as not a worthy and on-his-level challenger. The Scottish Warrior was left silent in the ring as Rollins exited but later took to his X to answer Seth’s final nail in the coffin.

“Not the moment I deserve. The moment I have bloody EARNED! #WrestleMania.”

As anticipation builds for their WrestleMania clash, McIntyre’s confidence is palpable, while Rollins may enter the match fatigued from his prior night’s tag team encounter. The stage is set for a monumental showdown between these two titans, with wrestling fans eagerly awaiting the outcome.

Do you think Seth Rollins was right when he called Drew McIntyre an uncredible opponent for himself at WrestleMania 40? Will it affect Drew’s psyche heading into perhaps, the biggest match of his career?

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