Shelton Benjamin, a seasoned veteran in professional wrestling, has often left fans with the sense that his true potential was not fully tapped in his past wrestling ventures. Although he was released from WWE last year, Jim Ross believes that Benjamin will prove to be a significant asset to any company fortunate enough to have him on board.

As mentioned previously, ongoing discussions have been taking place between Shelton Benjamin and AEW, exploring the possibility of his appearances for the company. While specific details regarding a potential contract or a full-time deal remain unconfirmed, these discussions commenced approximately a month ago.

During the recent Grilling JR podcast, Ross discussed his approach to booking Shelton Benjamin and reminisced about their time together. He suggested giving Benjamin a solo run against a skilled opponent to highlight his talents and forming a tag team with a suitable partner.

Despite Benjamin’s struggle to connect with the audience, Ross praised his work ethic and character, considering him a valuable mentor for young talent. Ross expressed pride in having hired Benjamin and hailed him as a credit to the wrestling industry.


“You get him a single run with somebody who could actually really wrestle and let him show his skills. Then, you find a partner for him and let Shelton’s experience help build a foundation for a tag team. I’m a big fan of Shelton Benjamin. When we recruited Cena [John Cena], Brock [Brock Lesnar], Orton [Randy Orton], and Batista, the best athlete of that group was Shelton,” said Ross. “Shelton’s issue was personality, connecting with the audience. I love Shelton. A company guy, a team player, he came from a team environment, which is always important to me. I’m a big fan of his work and him as a man. He would help any locker room. I can just imagine what kind of mentor he would be to some of the kids, not just his color, not African-American only, but young talent. Shelton’s journey has been well documented and I’m proud I got to hire him. He’s a credit to the wrestling business, no question.”

Shelton Benjamin ha also addressed making his way to AEW. Shelton Benjamin’s first match following his WWE release was also revealed. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether he will make his debut in AEW somewhere down the line.

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