Heading into WrestleMania, WWE has some of the hottest storylines featuring every week on their programming. From the Bloodline vs Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins saga to Rhea Ripley – Becky Lynch feud, everything featuring on WWE TV turns out to be very exciting with fans making instant connection to it. 

While WrestleMania is set to feature numerous big matches on their card, one of the most exciting and entertaining feuds heading into the Grandest Stage of them All is Bayley vs Iyo Sky. However, the 2024 Royal Rumble winner wouldn’t be facing the Iyo Sky only. The Women’s Champion has the whole Damage CTRL on her side including Dakota Kai, who turned on Bayley couple of weeks ago on Smackdown

Following her betrayal, Kai is set to face Bayley in singles action on this week’s episode of Smackdown. Ahead of their massive battle, the Role Model took to Instagram to reveal the real reason she took Kai under her wing. Bayley stated that she believed Dakota Kai was very talented. However, it will all be put to test during their match on the blue brand. 

“I brought you in because I knew you were special. I knew how talented you were, unlike anyone on the roster in so many ways. I saw myself in you – the way nobody quite believed in you the way that they should, and the way you used that as fuel to make yourself such a unique performer. I can’t wait to see if I was right. Are you really that good? Or did I just see what I wanted to see because you were my friend..”


“I want the real you tomorrow @imkingkota, I dare you not to hold back. Bring all the damn chips you got on your shoulder tomorrow night. Bring all the frustrations of injuries and being told no and not feeling like you’re enough. Bring all the reasons you thought you’d be better off without me. Because I’m bringing the best version of myself and I can’t wait to show you what a damn idiot you are.”

Bayley’s match with Dakota Kai might also feature Damage CTRL interfering to get a rent-free place in the Role Model’s head ahead of WrestleMania. However, Bayley might have an incredible plan in hand to take up the lead and defeat Iyo Sky at the Grandest Stage of them All. 

What are your thoughts on Bayley’s comments on Dakota Kai ahead of their match on Smackdown? Drop them down in the comment section below.

Ishaan Rathi

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