Since his career-threatening injury on Smackdown, Big E hasn’t made an appearance on the WWE TV yet. Though the former WWE Champion has been involved in the promotional tours of the company, his future as a part of the New Day is still in question. 

While Big E has been out of action for months now, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston have still been portrayed as one of the best tag teams in the company. However, the duo hasn’t been able to clinch a lot of victories lately. While the WWE Universe enjoys the New Day’s appearances on TV, they have been waiting for the faction’s podcast to return. 

The ‘Feel the Power’ podcast featuring the faction was introduced by WWE back in 2019. However, their show came to an end in September 2021, and has never been released on social media since then. In recent appearance on WWE – Die Woche, Xavier Woods revealed that there have been talks to bring the podcast back. However, he also mentioned that the trio had been very busy with their personal professional lives. 

“I miss it too, I miss it too (New Day podcast). There are some talks — we’ve been talking about possibly bringing it back. I don’t wanna get anybody’s hopes up just in case. But, life got very busy for the three of us. We got families and a lot of stuff that we do outside of WWE as well but then also just WWE life is just very busy. The schedule is extremely demanding so we had to put it on that backburner for a while, while we were focusing on some other things but there’s a chance, there’s a chance that it might come back.”


While there isn’t any confirmation on the podcast’s return, this might be the best time for WWE to make the move. While Big E’s in-ring career is still uncertain, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are set to face the Alpha Academy for a chance to feature in the six-pack tag team ladder match at WrestleMania 40

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Ishaan Rathi

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