LA Knight has transformed himself from a mere jobber to one of the faster-rising stars in WWE in a short span of time. Moreover, during his meteoric rise, he was often compared to The Rock and recently opened up about the two times he met him and how those were poles apart for him.

WWE’s resident Megastar has drawn certain similarities with The Great One in terms of his charismatic personality, exceptional promo skills, and move-set inside the squared circle.

During recent interview with Gorilla Position, LA Knight opened up about two different timelines in which he met The Rock and how things had been for him during those respective periods.

LA Knight stated that during his first meeting with The Brahma Bull in 2015, he was in a bad financial situation. But during his recent interaction with him, he claimed that things were very much different, and even The Rock labeled him ‘talking like a rich man.’


“Relationship is probably overselling it a bit. I used to send emails back and forth with his manager, this is like ten years ago. I haven’t talked to them in forever. He came back in Denver, I think he was just coming in, walking into the arena, and we just kind of dapped it up, ‘good to see you.’ That was about it. This past Friday, he was walking by and he stops and talks to me and we had a conversation. Nothing super in-depth, just ‘where you living, what’s going on.’ When I met him in 2015 and was on his show, I was flat ass broke. I went to go do the show with him, I didn’t have money to pay for my bags to go do the show. Now, we’re talking about things. Now, ‘I love LA, but I don’t think I can move back. I’m staying in Orlando right now.’ He’s like, ‘Talking like a rich man.’ I was like, ‘things are a little different from last time we talked.”

The Rock is back on WWE television programming for the road to WrestleMania 40. He is slated to participate in an explosive tag team match, teaming up with his cousin Roman Reigns to compete against their arch-rivals, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania Night 1.

While LA Knight is expected for a huge one-on-one showdown with the man who cost him golden opportunity inside the Elimination Chamber match in Perth, Australia, the Phenomenal AJ Styles.

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