Velveteen Dream was once envisioned as one of the most promising prospects in the global juggernaut, WWE a few years ago. However, certain events led Dream to be unceremoniously fired from the company.

Dream experienced one of the most significant declines in the history of WWE, which occurred as a result of allegations that sparked the trending hashtag #FireVelveteenDream whenever he made television appearances.

However, the former NXT star has advised fans not to unquestionably believe everything they come across on the internet, even as the allegations against him persist.

But it seems that his ghosts from the past would eventually catch up to him every now and then. A fan on Instagram sent some hateful comments toward Velveteen Dream, even bringing up the topic of him being laid off by WWE in an unpleasant manner.


Velveteen Dream did not take it too kindly and decided to fire back at the fan by asking how he would feel if someone shot the same kind of comments about him.

“I wonder @ddalrymple89 would feel if he was trolled the way he tries to me.”

Velveteen Dream recently made comeback to the ring at Dynasty in New York after an extended absence. It’s evident that his return to wrestling did not receive a positive reception from a considerable number of people and we will have to wait and see if he would be able to secure additional bookings in the future.

What are your thoughts on the fan firing hateful comments towards Velveteen Dream? Sound off in the comments!

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