The NXT Universe witnessed one of the most unexpected returns to the black and gold brand, as the incomparable Shawn Spears literally reemerged from the shadows after weeks of mystery and vignettes.

As mentioned, a series of mysterious messages were played across the entire WWE NXT landscape. The suspense came to its conclusion at the time NXT star Ridge Holland was inside the ring and Spears appeared right behind him to launch an attack and declare his resurgence back to the WWE.

The former Perfect 10 boldly labelled Holland as liar and vowed that the truth would bring him down to his knees, while also declaring his presence for NXT Roadblock.

Shawn Spears made his official in-ring debut on tonight’s edition of the special NXT show against a competitor named Uriah Connors. Spears offered the first shots to the rookie, before launching the lefts-and rights on him and connected with a thunderous C4 finisher to earn a quick victory on his first night back.


Following the bout, he grabbed the microphone to address the topic of hypocrisy, directing it towards Ridge Holland and once again branding him as a liar and asking him to cut the emotional drama he has been going through. Holland heard enough and made his way out to the ring to attack Spears.

But Spears proved to be the master manipulator, himself handing him a steel chair and asking him to strike. Ridge Holland took a moment to acknowledge, not before the officials came into the ring to break things up and Shawn Spears ended the segment with a psychotic smile, seemingly getting into Ridge’s mind.

Do you think we are potentially heading towards a heated collision between Shawn Spears and Ridge Holland? Sound off in the comments!

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