The intense rivalry between Dijak and Joe Gacy came head-to-head inside one of the most physically battering matches in the history of WWE, as the duo went to war on tonight’s edition of WWE NXT Roadblock.

For weeks, the feud had been brewing between the two top NXT stars, from backstage altercations to kidnapping endeavors and in-ring run-ins, it could be easily considered as one of the psychotic rivalries in the black and gold brand.

The duo came to tonight’s show to settle their differences inside the grueling structure known as the Asylum match, a steel cage surrounded with all kinds of foreign objects to land immense pain on each other.

Dijak and Gacy used each one of it from kendo sticks, tables, and even the straight jacket that had been popular in the feud to physically break down. Moreover, the match even saw some breathtaking moments leading to the fans chanting ‘This is Crazy.’


The closing moments of the bout saw Dijak connecting an absolute mesmerizing moonsault from the top of the cage on Joe Gacy to pin his shoulders to the mat and secure the win, effectively putting him away.

What are your thoughts on the Asylum match that went down between Dijak and Joe Gacy? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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