Hours away from his return to Friday Night Smackdown, The Rock released a video message on his social media platforms addressing his storyline with Cody Rhodes. The Great One also revealed his chat with the American Nightmare after his Royal Rumble victory and how everything changed in Las Vegas at the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff Press Conference. 

The Brahma Bull took a dig at Rhodes and his fans, the Cody Crybabies, for letting the biggest WrestleMania match of all-time, Roman Reigns vs The Rock, slip away from their hands. He also addressed the beliefs of The Rock’s corporate position helping him get a match with Reigns, calling it a lie. 

In the video package, the Great One also addressed Seth Rollins’ involvement and called him clown, which the Visionary also reacted to on X. However, little did anyone expect, the former World Champion also took a dig at Rhodes’ dog, Pharaoh, calling it a ‘goofy a**’ dog in the video. 

Cody Rhodes’ sister, Teil Rhodes, has now commented on The Rock’s aim at Pharaoh during his 21-minute video package. In recent post on X, she claimed that the Rock going after Rhodes’ dog wasn’t a very cool thing to do. 


“Going after a DOG is almost as low as all the bots”

The Rock is set to make his return to Friday Night Smackdown in a few minutes from now. He will be accompanied by his cousin Roman Reigns who has already reached the Desert Diamond Arena ahead of the show. However, rumors suggest that Cody Rhodes might also make an appearance on the show. 

How did you react to The Rock taking an aim at Pharoah in his video on X? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

Ishaan Rathi

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