The Rock’s recent return to WWE generated significant buzz, momentarily overshadowing Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania 40 spot. Despite a swift resolution, The Rock made a notable impact on a recent episode of SmackDown, heightening anticipation among fans for his next move. The Rock has now revealed what he and Cody Rhodes talked about for WrestleMania 40.

Tensions reached a climax at the press event when Cody Rhodes unveiled Roman Reigns as his WrestleMania 40 opponent, resulting in a heated verbal exchange. In a surprising turn of events, The Rock delivered a powerful slap to Cody Rhodes, igniting an intense confrontation.

The entire show exuded a strong Attitude Era atmosphere blended with realism, particularly as The Rock unexpectedly turned heel for the first time in 21 years, catching everyone by surprise.

The Rock took to social media and delivered a lengthy message about the road to WrestleMania. He expressed the excitement and significance of the week in the world of professional wrestling, WWE, and The Rock himself. The Rock emphasized the positive impact he has had on pro wrestling, describing it as exciting, cool, and undeniably thrilling once again.


The Rock acknowledged his disruptive influence, turning the business on its head and ensuring it will never be the same. Despite the positive changes, The Rock addressed the challenges and criticism he faces, particularly from “Cody crybabies” and others in the locker room. He asserted that pro wrestling is back on top, bringing a sense of satisfaction.

“[Laughs] It has been a big week. It has been a big week in the world of professional wrestling. It has been a big week in the world of the WWE. It has been a big week in the world of The Rock, in the world of ‘The People’s Champion’, in the world of ‘The Great One’, and in the world of ‘The Most Electrifying Man’ walking God’s green earth, daddy. It has been that kind of week. To quote the legend, one of The Rock’s heroes, what’s causing all of this? It’s been that kind of exciting week. Pro wrestling is exciting once again. It’s been decades. Pro wrestling is cool once again. It’s been decades. Pro wrestling is undeniably exciting once again.”

”It’s unpredictable, it’s disruptive because of one man, and that is The Rock because The Rock came into pro wrestling, came back to pro wrestling, a business that The Rock loves, an industry that The Rock was born into. Took professional wrestling, turned it on its head, disrupted the shit out of it, and it will never, ever be the same again. It feels good. It feels so damn good. Whether you like The Rock or you don’t like The Rock, it doesn’t matter because it feels good. Pro wrestling is back on top, and it feels good. But you know what? Here’s the thing. You know what doesn’t feel good? The Rock will tell you what doesn’t feel good. What doesn’t feel good is all the bullshit that The Rock has gotta deal with. All the bullshit that The People’s Champion has got to deal with. All the Cody crybabies out there still running their mouths that The Rock has got to deal with. All the jabronis in the locker room still running their mealy mouths that The Rock has still got to deal with. Cody crybabies, take a look.”

The Rock explained that when Roman Reigns first mentioned “head of the table,” it was intended to set up a future match between them. He highlighted the significance of those words and how they were crafted for the eventual showdown between Reigns and The Rock at WrestleMania. The Rock then referenced Cody Rhodes’ loss to Reigns at WrestleMania 39, stating that Cody had his opportunity but fell short, describing it humorously by saying, “he s*** the bed.”

Let The Rock drop some gospel on you. Here’s the common sense. When Roman Reigns, years ago, dropped the words, ‘Head of the Table’, those words were specifically and solely set up and created so one day, Roman Reigns, the champion of the WWE, would come face-to-face with his cousin, The Rock, ‘The People’s Champion,’ and together, combined, they will make the biggest WrestleMania of all time. The biggest match of all time. The biggest match in the history of professional wrestling. When Roman Reigns said those words, that’s why he said it. Because that is Roman Reigns’ story. That is The Rock’s story. At one time, that was Cody Rhodes’ story. But it was last year. What happened last year at WrestleMania? What’s the technical term? [Laughs] Oh, he s*** the bed. That’s what happened.”

The Rock continued by recounting his return at WWE Raw: Day 1, where he tested the waters for a potential match against Roman Reigns. He described the audience’s explosive reaction to the “head of the table” reference, signaling the excitement for the impending clash between The Rock and Reigns.

The Rock acknowledged Cody Rhodes’ Royal Rumble victory and emphasized the agreement they had. Despite Cody’s hard work and victory, he agreed to step back from the main event to allow The Rock and Reigns to headline WrestleMania in what is projected to be the biggest match of all time. The Rock commended Cody for being a team player and prioritizing what’s best for the wrestling business.

“Then The Rock comes back on January 1 of this year. It’s a big year. You know it and The Rock knows it. It’s an exciting year, you can feel it in the air. You can feel the mana. 2024, we’re gonna kick it off the right way. The Rock goes out there in front of that crowd and said exactly what he promised he was gonna say because we had an agreement, and that agreement was, The Rock was gonna go out there, and he was gonna test the waters, and he was gonna see how the crowd reacted. Where should The Rock sit? Should The Rock sit in a booth? Crowd didn’t know where I was going. Should The Rock sit at a bar? Ah, a bigger reaction. Yeah, The Rock loves the bar because The Rock loves to have some tequila. Or should The Rock sit at the head of the table? The crowd that night exploded. around the world exploded. Just as sure as The Rock has chills on his arm, the world exploded. Because they knew after all these years, they were finally getting The Rock versus Roman Reigns. The biggest WrestleMania of all time. What happens? Cody Rhodes, he wins the Royal Rumble. Fair and square, works his ass off, and he wins that Royal Rumble, baby. Yeah. He going to WrestleMania.”

”Yeah, good for him. Good for him. The Rock was happy. But what happened? The Rock called Cody Rhodes, had a conversation, but it was a conversation that a few have had with Cody Rhodes before. Because Cody knew the biggest match of all time was looming. The Rock talked to Cody. ‘You know you love this business, The Rock loves this business. You were born into this business, The Rock was born into this business. Roman Reigns was born into this business. The three of us, born into this business. You know, Cody, you got the biggest WrestleMania main event of all time right here. You have an opportunity to bring this business up to places it’s never been before. You can always, with all due respect, finish your story another time.’ You agreed. You agreed. ‘Rock, it stings, but I agree. It stings, but I’m a team player. It stings, but I want what’s best for the business.’ Good man. Good man.”

The Rock recounted the events in Birmingham, Alabama, where Cody Rhodes introduced him on the February 2 episode of WWE SmackDown. Cody adhered to their agreement, introducing The Rock, and the crowd erupted in excitement. The Rock described the moment when he approached Cody, exchanged hugs, and whispered about making history for ‘The American Dream’ and ‘The Soul Man.’

However, The Rock highlighted a shift in Cody’s demeanor when he left the ring and gave The Rock a look as if he had run over his dog. The Rock acknowledged Cody’s subsequent change of mind, stating that everyone has the right to do so. Still, he expressed dissatisfaction with how Cody handled the situation and addressed those critical of his decision.

“Then what happened? Birmingham, Alabama. A city we selected because of its rich history and we knew we were gonna make history. It was to it job, Cody, to introduce The Rock, thus setting up the biggest main event of all time. What’d you do? You did exactly what we agreed on. Brother, you introduced The Rock, and that place went crazy. The Rock came out, and he dapped you up, he pulled you in and gave a big hug. I whispered something in your ear. ‘Let’s put on the biggest WrestleMania of all time. Let’s do it for ‘The American Dream’. Let’s do it for ‘The Soul Man.’ I gave you a hug, you hugged The Rock back. What’d you do, Cody? You walked out of that ring on live TV. You turned back and you looked at The Rock. Instead of looking at The Rock and saying, ‘Yeah, go get him! Let’s make history.’ Instead of that, you gave The Rock a look, and ya the same look you gave the world, like The Rock went out and ran over your goofy-ass dog. That’s the look you gave.”

”Then sometime from that moment on, until Las Vegas, you changed your mind. You know what? That’s no problem. You can change your mind. You have that right, and The Rock accepts that. Everybody has a right to change their mind. The Rock accepts you changed your mind. But here’s what The Rock doesn’t accept, is how you did it. To all the Cody crybabies and all the goofs out there and the idiots who still complain, Cody, you had a right to change your mind, you won the Royal Rumble. But what The Rock doesn’t accept is how you did it.”

Ringside News has also exclusively reported that WWE has multiple pitches for The Rock at WrestleMania 40. Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see how The Rock will be booked as we head towards the Show of Shows.

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