AEW President Tony Khan is renowned for his analytical approach to the industry, honed through his experiences in the NFL and the English Premier League. With a keen eye on statistics and figures, Khan meticulously evaluates AEW’s performance, particularly concerning ratings for their flagship show, AEW Dynamite.

Despite not reaching the peak ratings achieved during the critically acclaimed run in 2021, AEW’s ratings in 2024 have displayed consistency, prompting optimism from Khan regarding the company’s future trajectory, especially in cable television.

In an interview with GV Wire, Khan expressed his satisfaction with AEW’s ratings performance in 2024, emphasizing notable achievements such as surpassing the NBA in viewership on Wednesday nights for three out of the last four weeks. He highlighted the significance of this accomplishment considering AEW’s relatively short tenure of fewer than five years compared to the NBA’s established presence and ESPN’s prominence.

“I think our ratings are tremendous,” Khan said. “We’ve beaten the NBA on Wednesday nights three out of the last four weeks. That’s pretty good for a league that’s been around for less than five years. The NBA is a very established league and ESPN is a very established network, so to premier AEW, a league that’s been around for less than five years, and beat the NBA straight up several weeks in a row is pretty powerful.”


Khan also pointed out the success of AEW Collision on Saturday nights, attracting a devoted audience on TNT. He noted that network executives have been pleased with AEW’s recent performance, underscoring its importance from a business standpoint.

However, Khan stressed that, personally, his primary goal for AEW is to prioritize fan satisfaction and consistently deliver compelling content that keeps audiences engaged and eager to return. This commitment to audience enjoyment remains paramount, reflecting Khan’s dedication to maintaining AEW’s strong connection with its fan base.

Moreover, AEW’s success extends beyond the United States, with the February 21 edition of Dynamite achieving its highest-ever rating in Canada, signaling the promotion’s growing international appeal and viewership.

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