WWE backstage interviewer Megan Morant has not only left an indelible mark within the wrestling world with her exceptional work but has also demonstrated extraordinary compassion and altruism outside the ring.

Last summer, Megan made the selfless decision to donate one of her kidneys to save a person’s life, undergoing a successful surgery to do so. However, her act of kindness didn’t stop there.

In recent Instagram post, Megan revealed her desire to assist her friend, Margrette, by donating her own kidney to her. Despite not being a direct match, Megan didn’t lose hope. Instead, she opted to donate her kidney to another person in need through the National Kidney Registry program, in exchange for someone else to donate to Margrette.

After months of testing and coordination facilitated by the National Kidney Registry program, the surgery was a resounding success. Megan joyfully shared the news on social media, urging fans to keep Margrette in their thoughts and prayers as she embarked on her journey to recovery.


In her heartfelt post, Megan emphasized the importance of living organ donation and encouraged others to consider this life-saving act. Her unwavering commitment to helping others, both in and out of the spotlight, exemplifies her dedication to making a positive impact on the world.

“The day is finally here! After a year and a half of dialysis, today @margrette.mondillo gets a kidney transplant 💚🥰😭 Over the summer, I donated my kidney to a stranger on behalf of Margrette. After months of testing for Margrette, we were not a direct match. However, through @thenationalkidneyregistry voucher program, today was made possible. 🙏 If you’re a person that prays, please keep Margrette in your thoughts and prayers today. And please consider living organ donation. It saves lives 💚 #donatelife #kidneytransplant #kidneydonor #kidney #organdonation.”

Megan Morant’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the profound difference one person can make through acts of kindness and generosity. Her actions inspire others to follow in her footsteps and exemplify the true essence of compassion and humanity.

What are your thoughts on Megan Morant’s announcement? Do you agree with her belief in living the life of a donor to help others? Sound off in the comments!

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