Samantha Irivin has proven herself to be one of the most enthralling and captivating WWE ring announcers of all time. However, behind that dynamic voice and passion for the sport, there was a personal struggle that she shared recently.

Irivin took to her Instagram to reveal that it has been 7 years since she quit her addiction of consuming alcohol.

Samantha decided to share her story as a source of inspiration to others who might be struggling with the same problem as she did years ago. Moreover, Samantha mentioned that such stories helped her overcome her alcoholism issue and probably, it was her way of giving it back to those in need.

“Today makes 7 years since I turned my back on alcohol. Sharing this because the journeys of others helped to guide me when I needed it. You can do it, if you want it.”


Multiple people in the world struggle with the problem of alcohol consumption in the world. But it is people like Samantha Irivin who have battled those demons, come out strong, and are now trying to make a difference with their own stories to help those suffering.

She rose above this like a superstar and is currently one of the most exciting WWE on-air personnel with her supreme voice and charismatic personality.

Are you inspired by hearing about Samantha Irivin’s sobriety milestone? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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