The WWE Elimination Chamber Press Event will be happening live from the Optus Stadium in Perth, Western Australia! Ringside News will be providing comprehensive coverage of all the action.

Tune in at 11:00 PM EST for the start of the WWE Elimination Chamber Press Event. We’ll be updating this page with results as they happen. Share your reactions in the comments section below!

WWE Elimination Chamber Press Event Lineup (2/22/2024):

  • “The Viper” Randy Orton, United States Champion Logan Paul and more stars will discuss the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match
  • WWE Women’s World Champion “The Eradicator” Rhea Ripley will discuss her championship match against “The Irresistible Force” Nia Jax
  • WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque will hype Elimination Chamber and could provide breaking news for the PLE

WWE Elimination Chamber Press Event Coverage (2/22/2024):

The show opens up with a video package of the upcoming Elimination Chamber: Perth Event and the sights and sounds of Australia. Michael Cole and Corey Graves then welcomes us to the show. Huge “We Want Mania” chants then start off the WWE Elimination Chamber Press Event.

Randy Orton, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins are all then shown backstage followed by WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque and several other WWE Superstars.


Michael Cole says the Optus Stadium will be where Elimination Chamber will take place and Australia is the home of one of WWE’s biggest stars Rhea Ripley. Cole also says that Ripley was happy at home, but was also focused on making Australia proud. Grayson Waller’s music hits and he makes his way out. Waller says it’s time for the Grayson Waller effect to take over the press event. Waller then says Cena said London is where a future WrestleMania should take place from and the crowd booed and chanted “Cena sucks”. Waller then says that Cena does suck.

Cole then introduces WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Triple H makes his way out. Triple H says the crowd in. Perth are a rowdy bunch and they are the reason that WWE has come to Australia. Triple H then thanked them and says he was glad they were in Perth. Triple H also says it is time to get down to business and this year the road to WrestleMania runs through the Elimination Chamber in Perth. Triple H also says the whole dynamic could change at the event.

Triple H also says that Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes would be on the Grayson Waller Effect and the fans started to sing Rollins’ song. Triple H also says that Cody Rhodes may be missing the press event, but he would at Elimination Chamber.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins then makes his way out and says he has things he wants to say, then he shakes Triple H’s hand. Rollins says that he could listen to the fans singing his song all day long. The fans then started to chant for Cody Rhodes, but Rollins says that he will not show up. Rollins then references Roman Reigns and The Rock and there are the crowd has negative chants towards them. Seth then promises to do his title justice and takes more shots at Reigns and The Rock. Grayson Waller then demands that everyone acknowledges The Tribal Chief.

Kevin Owens then makes his way out and says that everyone will be hurt at Elimination Chamber and addresses the crowd thanking the backstage crew. Owens then says that he’s had a lot of fun in Perth.

“The Viper” Randy Orton then makes his way out and gets the crowd going with the Aussie chants. Orton says his first international tour with WWE was in Australia. Orton also says Australia has the best fans in the world. Orton also says his back is fine, but there is more metal in his spine than in the chamber. Orton then says he won’t go off to Hollywood like some people, but he would be the Elimination Chamber winner and would beat Rollins to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE United States Champion Logan Paul then interrupts Randy Orton and gets booed out the building. Logan then insults the crowd and keeps getting interrupted. Owens then introduces Orton to Logan and promises to take care of him in the Chamber. Owens goes after Paul, but Triple H gets involved and pulls them apart.

“The EST Of WWE” Bianca Belair then makes her way out, but is immediately interrupted by Tiffany Stratton. “The Man” Becky Lynch then makes her way out and tells Tiffany to shut her mouth. Lynch then says The Man has come around to Australia and the food is amazing, but she is ready to defeat everyone at Elimination Chamber. Stratton then walks out and Lynch says even though she loves and respects Bianca Belair, she was the one who took Belair’s title.

A Women’s Tag Team Championship Match is then announced for the Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show.

Nia Jax then makes her way out and says that she’s Australian-born. Jax then takes some shots at the crowd and calls Australia a wasteland. WWE Women’s World Champion “The Eradicator” Rhea Ripley then makes her way out and the crowd in Perth goes wild. Ripley tells Nia that Australia does not claim her and the crowd loves Mami. The crowd then chant for Mami and Ripley promises that Elimination Chamber will be historic for Australia and WWE. Ripley then says it’s really hot and drinks Prime. Ripley then says that Nia is a big problem and she knows Nia has laid out everyone since returning. Ripley then promises Jax the biggest fight of her life at Elimination Chamber.

Triple H then makes his way out to pull Jax and Ripley apart after Jax gets splashed with the Prime drink. Before things can get more physical and out of control, Jax is sent to the back and Ripley and Waller drinks some beverage out of their shoes as the show comes to a close.

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