Following scathing remarks from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, directed at both Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, Rollins has responded in his own unique fashion.

In a promo seemingly filmed backstage at last week’s WWE SmackDown taping, The Rock referred to Rollins as Cody Rhodes’ “little girlfriend” and threatened to “slap the piss” out of both wrestlers.

“Here’s the bullst that’s happening now down in Australia. Cody Rhodes and his little girlfriend Seth Rollins are gonna go on the Waller Effect. Here’s the thing – I need you, and you, and this goof holding the camera, and this one holding the microphone over here, I need all of you guys to make sure that Perth knows there’s some bullst happening.

And if those guys – those guys meaning Cody and his little girlfriend Seth – if they start talking trash, let The Rock know. Tell The Rock. Because here’s what’s gonna happen – The Rock is gonna slap the piss out of both of them just like that.


“As a matter of fact, if they talk trash, The Rock will fly down there to Perth before that interview is over and he’ll do it. Don’t wonder why The Rock can make it that quick. The Rock makes magic happen, do you understand?

In response, Rollins took lighthearted approach, referencing a classic moment from the TV show “30 Rock.” He alluded to a scene in which Steve Buscemi’s character, Lenny Wosniak, attempts to go undercover as a high school student despite being noticeably older.

Rollins’ choice to reference this scene humorously highlights The Rock’s age and potential disconnection with the current WWE fan base, while also showing that Rollins remains unfazed by The Rock’s insults.

As Rollins and Rhodes gear up to appear on the Grayson Waller Effect at WWE’s Elimination Chamber, it’s likely that this exchange will add fuel to the fire as tensions continue to rise between the wrestlers.

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Steve Carrier

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